Wandering in Paris

‘Fatigue du chemin’

I am walking the streets of Exile thinking about home. To buy a Nan from boulangerie and to have a green tea around Saint-Paul cafes. To see a Kaka with a bag of potatoes crossing saint-Michel and some of student girls with their books are in the background.
I am far from the smell of Bolani in front of Pole- sorkh, I am far from the mountains of Daykundi but I am with my Khamak dress eating fromage in front of Bellville old buildings and listening to Ostad Saraban.
I can’t see the Kabul blue sky and the grey sky of Daykudni but I am on a bike with a colorful Topak and my red shoes passing the Pont des arts.
I am hearing the voice of kids running a kite in the hills of Wazir-Akbar khan while having allonge in Café de Flore listening to Edith Piaf singing La vie en Rose.

Paris, France

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