Fatimah Hossaini

Fatimah Hossaini, Afghan-Tehran born Artist, photographer, curator, exhibitioner and Founder of Mastooraat Organization. She is the youngest among 10 first winner of the Hypatia international award which reward to the commitment in the field of Research, art and professions. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from University of Tehran after her first bachelor in Industrial engineering. She Taught at art Faculty of Kabul University from 2018-2019. Fatimah has worked and advocated on Women and refugee rights on national and international platforms. Her work tells powerful stories of identity and femininity in Afghanistan. Although color and passion are the main drivers of her success in her artwork, she specializes in Staged photography. Due to her passion and admiration of arts, Her work has been featured and displayed in group exhibitions and art festivals in Iran, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Italy,Albania, France, New York and … Additionally, Fatimah’s works and articles has been printed and featured in local and transnational publications. and it has been featured by BBC, Gurdian,Aljazeera, Lenseculture, TRT world, Bloomberg, business insider, outriders, NRK, Sydasien, Art represent, Le’ Figaro Magazine, L’eclectique Mag. Chiiz mag, CIIN Magazine, Nytt mag, Held collective and so many more …


Bachelor of Industrial engineering (Engineering faculty, Tehran Azad University) 2011 – 2015

Bachelor of Professional Photography (Fine art faculty, Tehran University) 2015 _ 2018

Master classes (women and gender studies), to further the university’s liberal arts education by foregrounding gender as a site of intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, and creative exploration. (faculty of arts art and science, American university of Beirut (AUB). spring 2016

Master classes (professional photography and storytelling) Chiiz magazine classes, Rajasthan, India / winter 2018

Work Experience

Founder of Mastooraat Art Organization (established in 2019), an art organization fostering and supporting both appreciation and creation of art, women and peace. (support female artists in Afghanistan, through scholarships and workshops, organizing art and peace summited, curating art exhibitions and attending global conferences through art, peace and gender).

Lecturer at photography department, fine art faculty, Kabul University for one year in 2019.

Central Asia institute photo reporter (covering daily life in Kabul during Covid-19) / 2020

Outriders (Poland based magazine) photo reporter (covering the life of women in Afghanistan under the name of The Voice Women In Afghanistan). / 2019-2020

Sydasien (Swedish Magazine, covers culture and politics in South Asia) photo reporter, Kabul, Afghanistan.

DRC photo reporter for 6 months assignment in 5 provinces (Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif), covering the life and situation of women and children returnees and IDPS.) / 2019

TRT World mentor and jury team at journalism for juniors initiative in cooperation with Turkish Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. / 2019

Medica Maldione photo reporter (covering women in provinces and their situation at clinics, hospitals, prisons, save houses) 2018-2019

Photo and video reporter, event manager for 2 months at FHI project, USAID / 2018

Photo reporter for 1 month to covering returnees from Norway to Afghanistan, a project for NRK, the Norwegian government-owned radio and television public broadcasting. / 2018

Art manager for Afghanistan, Tajikistan at Bluerhino art consultancy, based in Istanbul, Turkey, London, UK. / 2017-2018

Photo reporter and videographer for GNIA (south-Korean scholarship for afghan girls) 2017

Photography trainer at AIRD (Afghanistan institute of rural development) for 6 months / 2017-2018

Photography trainer at Kapila Multimedia house (funded by Prince Clause foundation in Netherlands), training 20 afghan girls for 6 months and sending them to different provinces for the final exhibition in Kabul, Afghanistan. / 2015


Solo Exhibition “Afghans with new vision” Idea Gallery, Tehran / 2013

Solo Exhibition “Today-Kabul” ECO institute, Tehran / 2014

Solo Exhibition “Passing the Burqa” Azad Gallery, Kerman, Iran / 2018

Solo Exhibition “Veiled” Doran Gallery, Isfahan, Iran / 2018

Solo Exhibition “Beauty Amid War” Chinese Embassy , Kabul, Afghanistan / 2019

Solo Exhibition “Beauty Amid War” Canadian Embassy , Kabul , Afghanistan / 2019

Solo Exhibition “Beauty Amid War” organized by China Soong Ching ling Foundation Beijing, China / 2019

Solo Exhibition “Khurasani Reflections” by UN Women during 16 days of activism in Herat Citadel, Herat, Afghanistan / November 2019

Solo Exhibition “Beauty Amid War” Netherlands embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan / 2020

Group Exhibition “Unlimited” with Showarts art group / Innsbruck, Austria 2016

Group Exhibition “We together” with 14 women from middle east and Europe, Graz, Austria / 2016

Group Exhibition “A Glance into the mirror” with Bluerhino art group, ABAY Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey / 2017

Group Exhibition with “Khurasani Reflections” Collection, Brooklyn, New York / 2017

Group Exhibition “Unfinished Lines” with Bluerhino art group, Tirana National historical Museum, Akbania / 2017

Duet Exhibition with TahminahTomyris “We Are” Germany / 2017

Group photo exhibition “United” with 10 international artists from around the world, Lara Bohman Gallery, Stocholm, Sweden. / 2017

Group exhibition “Asia Peace film Festival” the one who is me, the one who is not me photo collection / Pakistan 2019

Curator of “Nekorooyan e’ Farkhar” photography exhibition with 16 photographers from all over the world, ECO institute, Tehran, Iran / 2017 / Isfahan Museum of contemporary art / 2018

Group Exhibition “Hello Afghanistan” by ASAK, UNESCO, WCOKOREA, Seoul, Korea / 2018

Curator of “KABUL- TEHRAN” Readout of the two capitals group exhibition with 20 photographers from Afghanistan and Iran, Shalman Gallery, Tehran, Iran / 2018

Conferences and Events Attended Abroad

Women forward participant at women and peace roundtable event, Doha, Qatar / March 2020

Panelist and representative of UNHCR at International government communication forum, Sharjah, UAE / March 2020

Voice of refugees, panelist and representative of UNHCR Iran at Global refugee summit, Islamabad, Pakistan / February 2020

Radar Festival, positive response to Covid-19 webinar, Poland / April 2020

Trainer and guest speaker, Master class of Photography, on Chiiz magazine webinar, Rajasthan, India / April 2020

Attended to 2019 Asia Media Conference in Bali, Indonesia / November 2019

Artistic Talk “ Visual art in Afghanistan “ University of Tehran, Mordad Gallery, Rad Naqsh Gallery, contemporary arts museum Isfahan, NCA university, etc.

Asia peace film festival Visual art award winner and Master Class “ Staged photography “ APFF festival, BUITEMS University, Pakistan / 2019

Art manager and artist of Bluerhino art group in Arte Genova 2018, Italy / 2018

Delhi Photo Festival with “Women In Black “ Collection, India / 2015

Asia peace film festival Visual art “APFF festival” , BUITEMS University, Pakistan / 2019


Portrait Photo Award Winner, Organized by 10 days nips group, Iranian Photography association, Tehran, Iran / 2015

The best photo award winner, APFF festival, BUITEMS University, Pakistan / 2019

Nominated for “ Hypatia international award “ organized by CICOP, Florence, Italy / October 2020


Article “ Afghan women, the resilient struggle for future” , with Ali Latifi on Polish magazine “ outriders. / 2020

Article “A visual journey through the art and culture in central and south Asia “Australian Outlets, ThePvblication.com, Australian Media Platforms to give the women a voice / 2020

Article “Pictures and impressions from Kabul’s bustling street life” on Swedish magazine ‘ Sydasien ‘ / 2020

Indian Art Magazine “Chiiz magazine (Naari Edition) Cover and guest editor, / October 2018

Article “Photography in Afghanistan “Khaama press, Afghanistan Times, Kadr Magazine, / Kabul, Afghanistan, Tehran, Iran 2018

Article “Visual art Artist (10 contemporary visual artists and the effect of war on their works “art represent.com, university of Tehran website /2017

Article “Art review of we together exhibition “khabarnamanews, Kabul, Afghanistan /2016 (Articles which have been wrote about Fatimah Hossaini)

Article; “Beauty amid war” in Afghanistan, written by Sarah Anouar, L’eclectique magazine, France / December 2020

Article; Fatimah, the artist braveheartwritten by Sohini Jana, published on WomenSpace, India / August 2020

Article “A colorful image of Afghanistan “written by Henrik Schedin on Sydasien.se/ Swedish media platform covers culture and politics in South Asia, C-print magazine, / May 2020

CIIN magazine, Arab/ English magazine based in Jordan, Cover and interview. / January 2020

CP Magazine, Arab/English magazine (Kuwait issue) covering cultures and art cover and interview/ April 2020

Article “The women of Kabul maybe in five, ten years “written by Lynzy Billing on wetransfer.com / October 2019

“Art Kit “with Fatimah Hossaini/ tearaway.co.naz/ magazine, New Zealand outlets written by Nidha khan./ August 2019

Article “ Between veils, Feminism and patriarchy “ about my artworks and two other artists written by Aamirah Patel, on TRTaqwWorld.com , Istanbul, Turkey / June 2019

Article “ En Afghanistan, la photographie et le droit femmes ne font qu’un “ about my art works written by Gwen Engel , on French Mediapart, Leslettrespersanes.fr. and gwenengel.com / May 2019

Chiiz Magazine, Naari (women) Edition, Cover and guest editor, Delhi, India/ October 2018

Article “ when photography and women’s rights are one “ about my artworks written by Gwen Engel, on Gwenengel.com , France / May 2018

Article “ The Geopolitics of visual knowledge production : Afghan women artists in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan “ about my artworks and two other artists written by Paniz Musawi Natanzi, political scientist based in London, on ktpress.co.uk / May 2017

Khurasani reflection photo series covered by BBC Persian / September 2017

Article about Fatimah Hossaini & Erdipa Wirengjurit, two different culture with something in common on Lepetitjournal.com / April 2017

Mah-e-Now Magazine, Hamburg, Germany press, Cover and interview / 2016

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