Pearl in the oyster

In this photo collection, which its shooting is still in  progress, different faces of Afghan women, in traditional and different places has been taken with their exclusive clothing. Their beauty and femininity will be showcased and framed into a cover of diverse culture and traditions of Afghanistan. These faces with their unique looks, besides being a break of taboos and cliché look of Afghan women with Burqa, will be captured with a different clothing/look, with respect to their traditions, to show the diverse culture and beauty of Afghan women and Afghan culture. The calm, shy, coquetry, and feminine looks and hidden beauties of Afghan women will be framed. Using colors and the power of looks, this Collection will try to highlight the beauty of femininity, and in specific, Afghan women, and reflect on different face of Afghan women usually seen as weak and victim. The beauty, power and resilience of Afghan women will be displayed.

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