An Elegy For A Miracle

I am the daughter of the sun, I am a women from the mountains, I have the smell of Mashreqi orange and the color of Kandahar pomegranate.
Not homeless, not a wounded but a woman from buddhas of Bamiyan with a Khamak dress and a Topak hat.
I have the soul of Gawharshad and the words of Rabia Balkhi. I am carrying the power of Panjshir mountains with a Kuchi dress full of mirrors and the clarity of Badakhshan rivers.
I am a woman from Bamyan to Badakhshan, from Kabul to Herat and from Kandahar to Qondoz. I am as blue as blue mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif and I know the smell and red colors of roses in Nangarhar.
I came from the land of Rumi with Bactria history. I am a woman who rebirth to appeal to the nature.
I am a woman from Afghanistan with untold stories, from Ariana. my hair has the smell of Lapis and my lips, the taste of Herat’s grapes.

Shirin Zahra

I am like spring.
My hair full of blossoms,
My heart brightened with sunshine,
My eyes clear,
My feet full of energy and my hands filled with goodwill,
I am an Afghan girl.

My voices is not the in the cage, I am the one who shouts in front of those who stole my home
I am no woman – refugee – migrant – in – exile
Keep your labels, please.
I am waiting for a miracle
Till the scent of the dried leaves
Sings the melody of rain
To the ears of the wind
I am waiting for a miracle
The green miracle of spring

( waiting for a miracle ) “for women in Afghanistan” by Afghan woman poet Fevziye Rahgozar Barlas

The last photo collection of my Photo book
In August 2021, five days after fall of Kabul, I have been forced to leave Afghanistan.
Leaving my photo project behind was on the hardest part of this journey. given the dark experience of Afghan people from Taliban regime, we all know that what was waiting for women of Afghanistan. After losing Afghanistan even the concept of my photo project and whatever I have done and I tried to show through my photo project completely ruined. Women of Afghanistan disappeared from society and thinking about freedom is a dream now. I tried to finish the pearl in the oyster in exile as I found the same stories among the life of many women artists in exile, but that project stayed on finished In my heart till the time I go back home.
I captured the portrait of four women artists in exile and their beauty, femininity, hope and resilience, this time not in Afghanistan but far from home, in exile.

Fatimah Hossaini
2021-2022 / Paris, France

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