The image of Afghan women is now blackened by successive wars, as we constantly talk about war and perhaps become accustomed to their symbolic presence with blue Burqas or even their absence.
Here, however, is the passage through this stereotype embodied in the life experience of an Afghan woman; a narrow passage but literally like a dance in the middle of gunpowder.

The women in these pictures are full of high hopes, resistance, liberation and stories that have never been told. These images are real, however with a temporary arrangement. The faces of powerful and beautiful women who have been forgotten and the beauty of that place are far from the eyes of the world.

This is the only moment of the image of an Afghan woman that must be watched frequently to remove the stereotype of looking down on women and illuminate the minds of the audience with the radiance of this always denied beauty.
In these works, the camera never tries to hide or deny the tragedy of war, but only to reach moments towards an image of feminine dignity and beauty, this forgotten heritage that is constantly shimmering like a light in the dark.

Those elegant coquetries and the bright shadows of the sun’s rays fallen on those delicate faces, or the skillful weaving of those colorful hats that are woven by patient hands, are all traces of the true beauty and warmth of the women and girls who are on the corners of the streets and the mountains, yet, however in the heart of mass darkness, in a common frame with the war.
These images are reality – a silent reality. Images that I have seen and at the same time as if I have not seen. This contradiction is a sticker of confusion that sinks into the heart of truth. A confusion as extreme as an explosion.

The display of beauty amid war, for a moment shows a different image of Afghan women that is more than a burqa stereotype, it may be in line with another sort of stereotype in beauty, but this is at least something that has been overshadowed by the news of war and suicide bombings for years now.

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