Burqa behind the streeing wheel

by 11 Feb 2021دسته‌بندی نشده

Women in Afghanistan have always faced restrictions in society – which some are deeply rooted in culture of Afghanistan. Even when women live in a far geography than Afghanistan, still in the background, they remain in the past life of their mothers. Some can break those taboos and step out to the life they want, but some never get the chance to live the freedom they have always desired for. In this collection, a woman is displayed who intentionally break the taboos, comes out of the shadows that has always hid her and lives the life she wants. She freely drives in streets, adorns herself, and feels herself – but what she wants to see is only what she sees is the small world visible in the mirror and things outside are different. In a society where they prevent a woman to freely show her beauty, femininity itself, is a beautiful challenge. This beauty and willingness to be beautiful is that invites her to overcome that challenge and come out of the shadows hiding her courage and beauty. In this collection, a woman is displayed to live in the middle of traditions and modernism which her beauty in only limited to that mirror – and then a burqa will cover her face.

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